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My services.

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Brochure Design

I'm skilled at crafting brochures across a variety of sizes.

Branding & Logo Design

Crafting logos and exploring branding is my passion.

Website Design (Wordpress)

I create and develop effective Wordpress websites.

Events & Large Format Printing

I design and print lively event materials like banners and pop-ups. 

Packaging Design

I specialise in creating eye-catching packaging.

Social Media & Marketing Material

I design social media, leaflets, flyers, folders, and more promotional materials.

Design Insights & Inspiration.

Discover a curated collection of guides, design tips, and resources, all from my personal perspective, to fuel your creativity and keep you updated with the latest trends.

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From Struggle to Strength: How Dyslexia Boosts Design Skills

Many people view dyslexia as a struggle. I felt this the most during my early education. Where I was undiagnosed as being Dyslexic. Once I was diagnosed the guidance and support was a light bulb being turned on. Naturally, I was drawn to stronger subjects which were Art & Design. I was welcomely surprised to [...]

Design Week: The Return of a Beloved Resource for Designers

Design Week has been my go-to resource for the latest design news and trends. As a designer, it provided an inspirational break between jobs at around 2:30 when the afternoon slump kicked in. I was first introduced to Design Week in college, where I used to read the latest paper edition in the library. They […]

The British Heart Foundation’s “Til I Died” Campaign

Saatchi & Saatchi have unveiled a powerful nationwide campaign for the British Heart Foundation (BHF), commemorating the lives of 12 young football fans whose lives were tragically ended by heart disease.

Why Kindness Matters in the Design World

In the close-knit design community, kindness goes a long way.

Unlocking Creativity: How Dyslexia Shapes Innovative Thinking

In this post, I’ll explore how dyslexia can shape innovative thinking in the design field.

Kickstart Your Career: Gaining Industry Experience While Studying Graphic Design

As a graphic design student, gaining industry experience while still in university is crucial

Building Your Support Network as a Designer

When I entered the design arena with an oversized portfolio, I quickly realised that it was a crowded market.

Dyslexia: My Creative Superpower

Welcome to the first post in our series on how dyslexia, in my eyes, is a creative superpower! I never liked the word “disability,”