From Struggle to Strength: How Dyslexia Boosts Design Skills

  • By Nick Welbourn
  • On June 19, 2024

Many people view dyslexia as a struggle. I felt this the most during my early education. Where I was undiagnosed as being Dyslexic. Once I was diagnosed the guidance and support was a light bulb being turned on. Naturally, I was drawn to stronger subjects which were Art & Design.

I was welcomely surprised to see that our design industry sees Dyslexia as a strength. Dyslexia encourages us to develop strong problem-solving skills and resilience, both of which are invaluable in design. This unique perspective can lead to innovative and effective design solutions.

By embracing my dyslexia, I’ve learned to leverage my strengths, such as visual thinking and creativity, to excel in my design career. It’s about turning what might seem like a disadvantage into a powerful asset.

For more insights, visit the UK Dyslexia Information Centre here.


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